E30 "is" Lip Spoiler
Prepared by VietSB
Modified 01.13.03

NOTE: Perform these steps at your own risk. All P/N's listed are a "best guess", so please double-check with your local dealer. These mods and repairs were performed on my US-Spec 1989 325i (12/88 prod date, M20/B25 engine) but there is no guarantee they will work on other E30's. These instructions are provided for entertainment purposes only!

BACKGROUND: This is the OEM BMW spoiler on the 318is and 325is that can be easily fitted onto any late-model E30 that has the newer plastic bumpers and lower spoiler as shown in the pictures below. It replaces the black strip that normally comes on the 318i and 325i.
Required Parts:

Required Tools:

1. Remove the current black plastic lip (if it's still there - LOL) by pulling it straight away from the metal spoiler, starting at the sides first.

2. Remove/replace the current set of clamps by pushing the (2) expanding rivet pins (see red arrow) up and out of the old clamps using the screwdriver. The clamps should now pry out easily. Insert the new clamp and use the screwdriver and hammer (if necessary) to push the new pins up until they are flush with the clamp (see blue arrow).

Please note that if you've experienced any spoiler damage as I have, you'll probably notice broken or missing clamps as you can see in my comparison pic below. All my clamps had issues, so I installed new ones all around.

3. Snap the new spoiler onto the clamps and you are all done! Here's a pic of the connection points on the spoilers.



You'll notice a very slight gap between the metal spoiler and new lip. It looks fine in person, but emphasizes the need to get either white or black clamps to match your car.

One word of warning on this mod: It'll make you want to paint the bottom black trim around the rest of the vehicle so everything matches... More bodykit pieces are also an option. :)

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